Subject: F4F-3 (Late) Wildcat

Kit:  Hobby Boss
Scale: 1/48th
Decals: Aeromaster
Builder: Bert Kinzey


This model was built using the Hobby Boss F4F-3 (Late) kit in 1/48th scale.  This kit represents the features found on the third production group of F4F-3s including the four cooling flaps on each side of the cowling, the lack of a combustion air scoop at the top of the cowling, the small fairing on each side of the fuselage between the cowling and the opening for the main landing gear well, and the added brace on each side of the windscreen.  However this last feature is molded too far forward on the windscreen.

This is basically a good kit, and the Hobby Boss Wildcat kits in 1/48th scale are far better than their Wildcats in 1/72nd scale, which leave a lot to be desired.  I completed the model with markings for the F4F-3 from VF-3 flown by Lt. Edward “Butch” O’Hare during the flight for which he received the Medal of Honor while defending USS LEXINGTON, CV-2, in February 1942.  Although markings for this Wildcat come in the kit, I used better ones from Aeromaster.  The paints used were Model Master enamels.

A full review of this model appears in the Modelers Section of our publication, F4F & FM Wildcat in Detail & Scale.