This photo set contains general photographs of F3D and F-10 Skyknights.  Included are official Navy and Marine photographs as well as photos taken by private photographers.  The photos are generally arranged chronologically by variant.

F3D/F-10 Skyknight Cockpit Photo Set:

This photo set contains seven photographs showing cockpit details of TF-10B Skyknight, BuNo. 124630, while the aircraft was operational as a range telemetry aircraft for the White Sands Missile Range.  The Skyknight was based out of Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico during the late 1970s and early 1980s for this purpose.  The pilot’s station appears as it basically looked in all Skyknights, while the right side of the cockpit had telemetry gear installed.  The right side of the cockpit varied considerably depending on the function of the aircraft.  Standard F3D-1 and F3D-2 night fighters had radar gear for the radar operator, while EF-10Bs had electronic warfare equipment.  Training aircraft had yet a different right side installation, while test aircraft had unique installations depending on what system or equipment was being tested.

F3D/F-10 Skyknight Details Photo Set:

This photo set contains detail photographs of several F3D and F-10 Skyknights while in operational service.  Only external details are included in this set.  The cockpit details are contained in a different photo set.  All photographs were taken by Bert Kinzey with one exception, which is a U. S. Navy photograph.

F3D-2, BuNo. 125807, Restoration
by the Combat Air Museum Photo Set:

This photo set contains detail photographs of the restoration of F3D-2 Skyknight, BuNo. 125807, at the Combat Air Museum.  The Museum is located at the Topeka Regional Airport in Kansas.  All of these photographs were taken in October 2015 by Detail & Scale Contributing Photographer, Chris Sakal.