Eduard # D48098 –

A6M2 Stencils

Eduard’s growing family of A6Ms in 1:48 scale are all-around excellent model kits, beginning with their first A6M2 release in late 2021 (which we reviewed HERE).  Tons of aftermarket details sets have followed from Eduard, from engines, cockpits, gun bays, and more.  This aftermarket decal set offers a single decal sheet featuring a full set of airframe stencils for the A6M2.

In this set (Eduard Decals # D-48098 – A6M2 Stencils; MSRP $9.95), you will find a comprehensive set of decals representing all the maintenance and warning stencils to be found on these variants of Mitsubishi Zero.  These include decals markings on the spinner, prop, engine crank case, oil and fuel tank caps, “no step,” “added weight”, and “step here” stencils, the warning markings for the inboard-aft upper wings, main gear data placards, main gear well markings, two styles of aircraft data plate stencils, and stencils for the vertical stabilizer and the tailwheel assembly.

The decals on this small sheet appear to have been printed in-house by Eduard.  By the looks of them, I think they look like traditional water-slide decals, rather than the style of wet-transfer decals Eduard has been using recently.  Everything is printed in register, colors are vibrant, and the carrier film is thin.  Do note that Eduard has done a lot of deep research on Zero markings, so what you find here is very accurate.

This little decal sheet appears in the standard Eduard Weekend Edition, ProfiPACK, and Limited Edition boxings of their A6M2s.  So it comes in handy most if you need additional or backup markings, are working with an Eduard Overtrees boxing that contains just the plastic, or seek to use this really excellent stencil markings in another manufacture’s 1:48 scale A6M2 Zero, be it the earlier Hasegawa, Tamiya, Fujimi, or Otaki kits.

We thank everyone at Eduard for the review sample.  You can visit them on the web at and on Facebook at

Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
Detail & Scale