Model Monkey P-51B/C/D Exhausts with Shrouds (Not for Trumpeter) — 1:24 Scale

Model Monkey is an emerging manufacturer with a range of new and interesting detail parts, and they have several items for the very large scale 1:24 scale P-51Mustang kits by Airfix, Trumpeter, Bandai, Heller, MPC, and even Combat Models.  In virtually all cases, the injection-molded exhaust stacks leave a lot to be desired, lacking the depth and hollow pipe faces which are really important in this large scale.

This set provides four 3D printed parts for an amazing set of 1:24 scale Merlin powered Mustang exhaust stacks, appropriate for the P-51B, C, D, and K.  You can varyingly use this set in on all the aforementioned kits – with the exception of the Trumpeter (another set is available by Model Monkey for the Trumpeter kit’s unique configuration, so don’t worry!).  Use of this set might require a little different approach in modifying each kit’s nose to make sure the parts drop in just right. 

Here, two things really stand out:  first, the underlying design work is outstanding.  It is precise, clean, and very accurate.  The 3D design work by Model Monkey was based on 2D references, measurements made from an original Packard-built V-1650-7 Merlin engine, and original North American Aviation blueprints.  But of course, 3D models on a computer must be translated into a part, and those parts sometimes are only as good as their printers which brings me to my second point:  the printing here is flawless.  3D resin manufacturing processes “print” parts by building up very thin layers of plastic or resin atop a previous layer.  Here, the layering is extremely fine.  It’s still visible, but you have to squint to see the printed layers.  All you’ll need is a little bit of your favorite primer or some Mr. Surfacer, and any texture should disappear.  Also note each one of these exhaust sets are handed, and use caution when cutting the pipes loose.  They are very thin-walled and delicate.

Overall, Model Monkey’s 1:24 scale P-51 shrouded exhausts are excellent and I would consider them to be invaluable replacement parts for the kit exhaust stacks.  One look at these and the kit parts will stay on the sprues.  We extend our sincere thanks to Steve Larsen at Model Monkey for the review sample.  You can visit them on the web and order their products directly at


Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
Detail & Scale