Eduard Fw 190F-8 Cockpit Detail Sets (for the Eduard Kit) — 1:48 Scale

In 2021, Eduard released their 1:48 scale Fw 190F-8 as part of their expansive Fw 190 family of kits (see our review of the kit HERE).  As expected, Eduard paralleled this release with a range of accompanying aftermarket detail sets that can make their ground attack Würger kit even better.  The kit cockpit, out-of-the-box, gets a lukewarm “okay” grade for detail, as Eduard tries to thread the needle here, providing just enough detail for some builders, but leaving many other scale modelers wanting more.  Here we take a look at both of Eduard’s SPACE and Brassin Cockpit sets for their 1:48 scale Fw 190F-8 that will appeal strongly to the more detail-oriented builder.

Eduard FW 190F-8 SPACE #3DL48017 (MSRP: $14.95) features fifteen 3D printed parts on a section of decal sheet and fourteen additional photoetched metal parts on a single fret.  The 3D printed parts include all the elements for the pilot’s instrument panel (built up from two layers of parts), the side consoles, trim wheel, and other small details.  The photoetched metal fret contains the shoulder harnesses, lap belts, trim wheel, and rudder pedals.

The quality of 3D printing is very good.  Buttons are represented as finely raised features, and various instrument dial faces feature very finely printed details.  Each glass dial face is treated with Eduard’s “glass effect” to produce a perfectly smooth and high-gloss surface mimicking the reflectivity of glass.  The SPACE line also combines these 3D parts with Eduard’s photoetched metal parts which cover those items or details best represented by that medium.  The pre-painting of the shoulder harnesses and lap belts is particularly impressive, and it captures even the finest of stitching details.  The only negative observation that can be considered is that the 3D printed parts possess a somewhat glossy sheen, and everything but the instrument dial faces could use an application of a flat coat to achieve the most realistic appearance for the Fw 190F-8’s cockpit. 

Eduard Brassin #648633 Fw 190F-8 Cockpit (MSRP: $39.95):  The SPACE set described above will provide a significant improvement to cockpit detail for the Eduard 1:48 scale Fw 190F-8.  Yet, for the most complete cockpit upgrade, look no further than their Brassin Fw 190F-8 cockpit set.  This is a total replacement for the kit cockpit.

Any one of the Brassin Fw 190 cockpits rank as among the best cockpit detail sets that Eduard has ever made, and this set is no exception.  The Brassin Fw 190F-8 set contains 21 cast resin parts, 35 photoetched metal parts, one small sheet of clear acetate (gunsight glass), and one small decal sheet.  The resin parts span the cockpit tub and aft decking, pilot’s seat, instrument panel, instrument panel coaming, and rudder pedal mounts, gunsight, and various other small cockpit details.  The molding quality and fidelity of detail is outstanding.  Many readers know from experience that most manufacturers’ resin cockpits take a good deal of work to get them to fit properly in a plastic kit, but this set is designed to drop right into the Eduard Fw 190F-8 with only the smallest of modifications to the kit cockpit sidewalls.  A small sheet of clear acetate provides gun sight parts.  

These great resin parts are complemented by the high-quality photoetched metal parts.  They add intricacy and accuracy from the rudder pedals to aft cockpit decking details.  Some of these PE items, such as the instrument panel parts and the shoulder harnesses and lap belts, are pre-painted.  The pre-painted items are beautifully done and subtly painted, and the overall quality of all these parts holds up to Eduard’s high standards of detail and accuracy.  A small decal sheet rounds out this Brassin set.  It contains some really impressive instrument dial faces that feature finer details than what any pre-painted PE part can achieve.

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Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
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