Eduard BIG SIN Set for the Tamiya Spitfire Mk. I Kit 1:48 Scale

Tamiya’s 2018 release of a new-tool Spitfire Mk. I turned a lot of heads.  It’s an outstanding kit of the pioneering first production version of the legendary fighter.  It’s an excellent kit, but as is often the case, Eduard has released a range of aftermarket detail sets that can make Tamiya’s early Spitfire even better.  Here, we take a look at Eduard’s BIG SIN set for this kit which bundles multiple Eduard Brassin detail sets at a savings for the customer.     

This BIG SIN set contains three items: (1) #648455 Spitfire Mk. I Wheels; (2) #648456 Spitfire Mk. I Exhaust Stacks, and; (3) #648466 Spitfire Mk. I Cockpit.

Let’s begin with #648455 Spitfire Mk. I Wheels.  This Brassin set contains five cast resin parts: single-piece main wheels, separate exterior wheel hubs, and a single-piece cast resin tailwheel assembly and tire.  The detail on the cast resin parts is excellent, down to the imprimatur on the tire sidewalls and the bolt details on the hubs.  There’s also a pre-cut self-adhesive masking set included for the wheel hubs.  I use Eduard wheel hub masks whenever possible, as they make painting the wheels a breeze. 

Next, #648456 – Spitfire Mk. I Exhaust stacks:  Here, two cast resin parts are provided as drop-in replacements for the kit exhaust stacks.  This Brassin set contains two cast resin parts:  single-piece left and right early-style Spitfire exhaust stacks with round-style exhausts (not the fishtail style, as was seen eventually retrofitted on some later-war Mk. I aircraft).  These exhausts look absolutely great in terms of their shape, size, and casting quality.  Their deeply recessed exhaust ports confer greater scale realism than that of the kit parts.   

The main attraction in this BIG SIN set for most scale modelers is likely to be #648466 Spitfire Mk. I Cockpit.  The kit cockpit is quite good, but this is set outshines anything injection molding can do.  This set contains 32 cast resin parts, 55 photoetched metal parts on one fret (some pre-painted), and two clear acetate parts along with a small decal sheet. 

The details captured here are really exceptional, from the PE instrument panel and the pre-painted dial details (an alternate resin instrument panel designed to accept decals for the instrument faces is also provided, if that’s more anyone’s taste).  The pre-painted shoulder harnesses and lap belts feature some amazingly fine pre-painted and etched details, literally down to the stitching.  The quality of design and depth of cast detail in the parts that build into the cockpit frame, floor, sidewalls, single-piece seat, control column, cockpit door, oxygen bottles, throttle quadrant, gunsight, and many other details are thoroughly impressive.  A clear acetate part (along with a spare) is provided for the gunsight glass.  Only a little work will be needed to adapt the cockpit set into the Tamiya kit.  The kit sidewalls will need to be sanded smooth.  After that, this cockpit should drop right in.

In sum, this BIG SIN combination provides these detail sets together at a lower price than if they were bought individually.  It is also well priced for the value and quality.  This set will also significantly elevate the already impressive level of detail in the Tamiya 1:48 scale Spitfire Mk. I.  For many builders, I suspect that this BIG SIN set will help their completed model stand out above the rest. 

Sincere thanks are owed to Eduard for the review sample.  You can visit them on the web at and on Facebook at


Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
Detail & Scale