F-102 Delta Dagger in Detail & Scale

About the Book:

F-102 Delta Dagger in Detail & Scale continues the established and well known tradition of the Detail & Scale Series of publications with the most detailed look at the U. S. Air Force’s first delta-wing, supersonic interceptor ever published.  The F-102 was a historically significant aircraft and was produced in greater numbers than either of its two supersonic interceptor counterparts, the F-101B Voodoo and the F-106 Delta Dagger.  While serving with the U. S. Air Force and the Air National Guard, it flew with some of the most colorful unit markings applied to any of the famous Century Series of fighters.

Book Features:

Features of Detail & Scale’s latest digital publication, F-102 Delta Dagger in Detail & Scale include:

  • A developmental history of the F-102, from Convair’s early work on delta-winged aircraft, the XF-92, through the prolonged prototype process, which began with the YF-102, an aircraft that could not meet the supersonic flight requirement, and was followed by the YF-102A, which could; to the “interim interceptor” which successfully served in the active and Guard inventories for twenty years.
  • A chapter on how the Deuce was armed, with 2.75-inch rockets and AIM-4 and AIM-26 Falcon guided missiles.
  • A chapter covering the variants of the F-102, with sections on the prototypes, the single-seat F-102A, and the two-seat TF-102A
  • A Flying the Deuce chapter with pilot reminiscences of what the F-102 was like to fly, written by six pilots who flew the aircraft stateside, and with the Alaskan Air Command, USAFE, and PACAF
  • A chapter that looks at the history of the F-102 in Southeast Asia, beginning with its early alert commitment in Thailand to the expanded alert commitment in Vietnam, where the aircraft’s mission also expanded to the ground attack role for a period of time.
  • A Delta Dagger Details chapter with more than 145 photos, the vast majority of which are in color, covering every aspect of the aircraft, including the cockpit, radar and electronics, windscreen & canopy, fuselage, weapons bays, wings, landing gear, and tail
  • A Pave Deuce Drone Program chapter that looks at how the aircraft evolved into the first supersonic drone aircraft in the U. S. inventory
  • A color photo gallery that gives a sampling of the paint schemes and markings worn by the F-102 in Air Force and Air National Guard service, where it evolved from one of the most colorful of the Century Series fighters to the SEA camouflaged fighter-interceptor that flew in Vietnam and later with some Air National Guard units.
  • Detail & Scale’s usual comprehensive Modelers Section which covers all of the scale model kits of the F-102 issued over the past 60 years—from the crude kits of the 1950s to the 2017 Revell F-102A release, and which includes an eleven-page listing of the aftermarket items that have been available to modelers over that period

Other features of the book include line drawings of all the F-102 production variants, illustrations of details from official Air Force manuals, plus two full-color art profiles of the F-102A featuring some of the colorful markings used on the aircraft.


Print:  108 pages, 280 photos (230 in color), 145 detail photos

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Digital:  300 pages, 320 photos (360 in color), 145 detail photos

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Digital:  300 pages, 320 photos (360 in color), 145 detail photos

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