Colors & Markings of the F-102 Delta Dagger

About the Book:

Colors & Markings of the F-102 Delta Dagger is the second book in Detail & Scale’s Digital Colors & Markings Series covering iconic military aircraft of the 20th Century. Between 1984 and 1994, Detail & Scale produced 24 titles in our Colors & Markings Series of books, but the series was discontinued because of limitations then existing in the printing business. With the advent of digital publications, this acclaimed series has returned, and this second volume in the series shows the benefits of digital publishing at its best. The book covers the three primary color schemes used on the F-102 Delta Dagger in detail, and provides coverage of every operational squadron that flew the famed Deuce. Sixty-five fighter interceptor squadrons are covered spanning the five major commands that operated the F-102: Air Defense Command (ADC), Alaskan Air Command (AAC), United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE), Pacific Air Forces (PACAF), and the Air National Guard. Colors & Markings of the F-102 Delta Dagger comprehensively covers this iconic member of the Century Series of fighters with over 370 pages, 520 photographs, 352 of which are in color, 48 full color aircraft profiles, and additional illustrations including paint diagrams. Along with the first volume in the series, Colors & Markings of U. S. Navy F-14 Tomcats, Part 1: Atlantic Coast Squadrons, this series sets the standard for covering squadron usage of iconic military aircraft.

Book Features:

Features of Detail & Scale’s newest digital publication, Colors & Markings of the F-102 Delta Dagger include:

  1. A detailed look at each of the three official paint schemes used on the F-102 flown by all five using commands (ADC, AAC, USAFE, PACAF, and the ANG):  the overall Aircraft Gray scheme; Camouflage scheme; and the Aluminized Lacquer scheme seen on dozens of aicraft in the final years of its operational service.
  2. A chapter on each of the using commands covering all the fighter interceptor squadrons that flew the Deuce: 33 ADC squadrons; 2 AAC squadrons, 6 USAFE squadrons, 7 PACAF squadrons, and 23 ANG squadrons, and each unit gets a complete section with a squadron history and high-resolution photographs, many in full color.
  3. A chapter on the miscellaneous users of the F-102, featuring many interesting colors and markings schemes, with coverage of both test & evaluation and training units, concluding with the use of the Deuce as a target drone.
  4. Each squadron section covers the paint schemes and the unit markings carried on the Delta Dagger during its operational service with the units covered.
  5. 520 high resolution photographs, 320 color photographs, 4 paint scheme diagrams, 48 full color aircraft profiles, and the superbly detailed captions that are the hallmark of our Detail & Scale books, all combine to make this one of the most comprehensive books every published on one of the most iconic combat aircraft of all time.


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Detail and Scale Publications is back with another digital title, and the second in their Colors and Markings Series since going digital-only in their publications. This is the Colors and Markings of the F-102 Delta Dagger and is designed as a companion for the F-102 Delta Dagger in Detail and Scale released earlier this year. Unlike many of the titles previously published in the new digital Detail and Scale family, this is an all-new reference and the first with Rock Roszak (Colonel, USAF retired) in the lead. Followers of this series will recognize Rock’s name as he had co-authored and illustrated the previous titles in the digital series, but he is also the one who transformed the once-hardcopy titles into fully interactive digital references that have the same look and feel in Apple’s iBook format and Amazon’s Kindle format. If you have any other digital titles in your library, these Detail and Scale titles set the bar (high) for what I expect out of other digital publications.

What does digital publishing mean to you?

  • You can use menu hyperlinks to jump straight to a section of interest
  • You can expand photos and drawings to full-screen
  • You can zoom in on details in photos and drawings for a closer look
  • You can search for specific text within the title
  • You can bookmark items of interest
  • You can highlight and annotate the book with your own notes

Coverage includes:

  • Delta Dagger Paint Schemes
  • Air Defense Command (ADC) Squadrons
  • Alaskan Air Command (AAC)
  • United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE)
  • Pacific Air Forces (PACAF)
  • Air National Guard (ANG)
  • Miscellaneous Users

I recently read an online request from a modeler wanting to see the F-102 in 5th FIS colors. That’s in here. I was curious to see if this identified the unit that one Lt George W Bush flew the F-102, and that’s in here as well. The search function works well. Did you know that the F-102 wore three primary color schemes? That’s in here along with nice illustrations from the author. In fact, the author provided nice full-color three-view versions of the Southeast Asia paint scheme out of USAF Technical Order 1-1-4 for both the F-102A and TF-102A.

If you’re planning to build one of the Monogram 1/48 F-102 kits (Case X or XX), whether it appears in a Monogram, Revell, Encore, or Hasegawa box, or perhaps the aircraft in another scale, here is the best reference for replicating the colors and markings for the specific unit your decals represent. Of course, you’ll want the F-102 in Detail and Scale title to assist with the colors and details in the cockpit, weapons bays, etc. And at $9.99 per title, where else are you going to find 300+ pages of excellent modeling reference at your fingertips?

Head over to Amazon or the iTunes Store and order a copy. This technology is also truly instant gratification as the title will download to your tablet on completion of your purchase.

Definitely recommended!

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