Colors & Markings of the A-6 Intruder
in U. S. Marine Corps Service and U. S. Navy Test & Evaluation Squadrons


About the Book:

Colors & Markings of the A-6 Intruder in U. S. Marine Corps Service and Navy Test & Evaluation Squadrons, is Volume 7 in the Colors & Markings Series.  It completes Detail & Scale’s extensive look at all of the squadrons that flew Grumman’s iconic attack aircraft, combining with Volume 6, Colors & Markings of the A-6 Intruder in U. S. Navy Attack Squadron Service.  From its introduction into combat in Vietnam, and continuing through the First Gulf War, the A-6 Intruder was a workhorse for the Navy and Marine Corps that provided the deep strike capability that the nation needed from its seaborne forces.


The United States Marine Corps operated the Intruder from 1964 until 1993, a period just short of twenty-nine years.  During that period, Marine Intruder squadrons flew numerous and intense combat missions from several bases in South Vietnam, maintained a full-time presence in the Western Pacific by being based in Japan, and late in its operational career it again flew combat operations in support of Operation DESERT STORM. 

Book Features:

This publication focuses on the six Marine operational and one training all-weather attack squadrons that flew the Intruder.  These squadrons are legendary, from the “Double Eagles’ of VMAT(AW)-202, through the “Bengals” of VMA(AW)-224, and to the “Hawks” of VMA(AW)-533.  For each of these seven squadrons, a brief history is provided, followed by a gallery of photographs that traces the unique evolution of how each unit marked their aircraft, including all the major changes that occurred over that squadron’s operational service flying the A-6.


This is followed by a chapter that presents similar treatment for each of the Navy test & evaluation units and facilities that flew the A-6, starting with the East Coast squadrons that focused on aircraft and aircraft systems testing, and followed by those on the West Coast that concentrated on weapons and weapons integration testing.  Additionally, the Naval Strike and Warfare Center (NSAWC), sometimes referred to as “STRIKE U,” is also covered.


The book concludes with an Intruder Markings Appendix.  This section provides comprehensive information on the many informational, safety, and warning markings that were applied to the aircraft beyond the unit markings that are the primary focus of the book.  This section will be especially valuable to scale modelers.


Colors & Markings of the A-6 Intruder in U. S. Marine Corps Service and Navy Test & Evaluation Squadrons is profusely illustrated with more than 300 high-resolution photographs, all of which are in color, and the vast majority are outstanding photos taken by private aviation photographers rather than being stock factory or military photos.  Also included are more than a half-dozen color profiles and numerous art illustrations.  All of this is presented to comprehensively illustrate the rich visual history of one of the most important combat aircraft ever flown by the United States Navy and Marine Corps. 


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