Colonel Gerald Knox Bishop, USAF (Ret.)


Colonel Knox Bishop served for over 25½ years on active duty in the United States Air Force. During his career, Colonel Bishop served as a Command Pilot, and as a planner, programmer, war game & systems analyst, and congressional actions advisor at Major Air Command and Headquarters Air Force levels. He also served as Executive to the Commander in Chief, Strategic Air Command  (who also functioned as the Joint Chiefs of Staff ‘s Director of Strategic Target Planning, responsible for the nuclear war plans).   During his career Knox participated in the planning of the full range of issues from national nuclear policy and arms control to Air Force-wide mission area analyses, Air Force war fighting force structure and its supporting systems and the programming, budgeting & congressional support planning they required.    He was intimately involved with the Air Force’s most advanced technologies, from stealth bombers and cruise missiles to advanced ballistic missile and space systems, including third generation trans-atmospheric vehicles.   He served as Vice Commander of the 384th Bomb Wing flying B-1Bs & KC-135Rs at McConnell AFB, Kansas, for two years. He served again at Headquarters U. S. Air Force until August 1991 in the position of Director, Strategic & Global Force Analyses.

Colonel Bishop’s flying experience includes over 3,000 flying hours in ten different aircraft.  These include the T-37, T-38, and T-41 trainers, and the T-39A mission support aircraft.  His time in strategic bomber aircraft include the B-52C, D, F, and G Stratofortress, FB-111A and the B-1B.  He also flew the KC-135R tanker.   For 489 days in 1970, 1971, 1972, and 1973, he flew 119 combat missions in Southeast Asia in the B-52, including the “Eleven Day War” over Hanoi. He has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and six Air Medals for his combat service.   Later, he helped plan and analyze the effectiveness of strike and support sorties for the first Gulf War.

Following retirement from active duty, Knox served as the Curator of The Frontiers of Flight Museum at Dallas Love Field for 10½ years. He also served as Operations Director for the FINA Dallas Airshow at Dallas Love Field for eight years. He retired from in July 2004 and now volunteers there while residing full time in Graham, Texas.

Knox has published aviation history articles for the “Journal” of the International Plastic Modelers Society since 1966, and has published military history articles in “Campaigns” magazine as well. He taught the history of aviation for Mountain View College’s Professional Aviation curriculum in Dallas for nine years.  He created and presented forty-six aviation history programs totaling over 2,400 pages for The Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, and taught over 250 hours of aviation history courses for the museum’s Docent corps.

Knox often posts photographs of interesting aircraft on Detail & Scale’s Facebook page and includes interesting historical and technical information.  He is also a great resource for information for Detail & Scale’s website.

He is married to his high school sweetheart, Becky, of Graham, Texas, and they have two married adult daughters, and four grandchildren.   His interests include flying, aircraft history, illustration, and model making.   He has owned & flown a Cessna 182 and still enjoys actively flying his own 1947 Navion.