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Quick Links to Available Detail & Scale Series Publications.

Detail & Scale Series

F3H Demon in
Detail & Scale
**********F9F Cougar in Detail & Scale
Revised Edition

F2H Banshee in
Detail & Scale, Pt. 1


SBD Dauntless in
Detail & Scale


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This Review Area in our Scale Modeling Section contains reviews of kits and other scale modeling-related items, including decal sheets, aftermarket details, and books.  Haagen Klaus, Detail & Scale’s Scale Modeling News and Review Editor, is in charge of this section, and he works with other members of our team to create the reviews included here.  Haagen is an excellent and experienced model builder, and he is also very knowledgeable about the actual subjects to which the kits and other items are related.

Our Review Area is divided into two sub-areas, one that covers kits, and the other is for after-market products.  Both sub-areas will feature the type of reviews Detail & Scale became famous for over a period of more than thirty-five years of including reviews in our Detail & Scale Series publications.  They are objective, detailed, and concise.  As an added benefit on this website, there are no space limitations, so more photographs of the item being reviewed can be included than was possible in our printed publications. 

Check back regularly for new reviews, and watch our Facebook page for announcements of additions.

**** Use Go links below to access a Review Area****

Kit Reviews

Aftermarket Product Reviews

Decals & Masking Sets Reviews

Book Reviews


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