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Scale Model Photo Galleries


Scale modelers love to see the work of other builders.  It’s not only interesting, but it’s an educational experience, because you can see what others have done building their models and then decide if you want to apply it to your own work.  Our Scale Model Photo Galleries Area provides modelers with the opportunity to look at the work of some outstanding modelers.  Scale aircraft models from all eras, in all major modeling scales, and of a wide variety of aircraft types are all included in this area.  Models built decades ago, and models built very recently are included.  You’ll find builds that are basically out of the box, conversions, and models that are extensively detailed and improved over what the kit provides. 

This Scale Model Photo Galleries Area is further divided into sub-areas.  The first of these is the Detail & Scale Model Gallery.  This gallery includes models in the Detail & Scale Model Collection that were built over the decades since the late 1960s.  Many of these models appeared in the Modelers Sections of the Detail & Scale Series of books, and this gallery provides an opportunity to take a look at these models in greater detail and in color, which could not be done in those printed publications.  Modelers who have followed the Detail & Scale Series over the years will find this gallery of particular interest.  They will be able to find a single black and white photo of the model in one of the Detail & Scale Series printed titles, then see a number of photos of it in color and taken from different angles. Each photo set in this gallery features multiple photographs of a specific model, and review comments about the model are provided.

Next is our General Model Gallery.  This gallery will become the largest as time goes on, and it has photo sets by Detail & Scale’s contributing modelers.  Of these, Bob Bartolacci and Stan Parker have built models for Detail & Scale for many years, and their models have appeared in the Modelers Section of many of our printed books.  Other modelers, including Haagen Klaus, Detail & Scale’s Modeling Review and News Editor, and Rich Van Zandt, among others, will be adding scale model photo sets to this gallery on a regular basis. This gallery also features photo sets that provide multiple photographs of a specific model, and review comments are provided with each set.

Third is our Subject-Specific Model Gallery.  Most photo sets in this gallery feature multiple models of a given aircraft type that is a popular subject with builders.  When there is a need to include photos of a group of models that are all related to a specific event, for example the attack on Pearl Harbor, that set will also go in this gallery.

Last is our Contest Model Gallery that features our model shoots from IPMS/USA contests, and each set includes photos of many of the individual models entered at a given contest.  These are some of the best model builds found anywhere, and they are always of interest.  Unlike our Detail & Scale and General Model Galleries, this gallery will not feature multiple views of a single model, rather it will have one view each of multiple models.  This gallery will be added to whenever we attend an IPMS/USA contest.  We will also add photo sets of past contests as time permits.

In the Detail & Scale and General Model Photo Galleries, each photo set will include a brief text with information including the type of aircraft, the scale, the manufacturer of the kit, and details like what decals were used, what modifications or corrections, if any, were accomplished, and facts about the real aircraft that is being represented.  But unlike our Aircraft Photo Galleries, there will not be a caption with each photograph in most cases.  The photos will simply show the finished model from different angles or provide close-ups of details on the model.  All of the pertinent information about the model will be provided in the text included with the photo set, and this text will apply to all of the photos included in that set.  In the Subject-Specific and Contest Photo Galleries, each model illustrated will simply be identified as to what it is, since the photo sets in these galleries will have many different models rather than all being photos of a single model.  

As with the photo sets in our Aircraft Photo Section, we will post an announcement on our Facebook page when we add photo sets to our Scale Model Photo Galleries.  But check back often and take a look at this feature on our website.  There will always be models you will find interesting.

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Detail & Scale Model Gallery

General Model Gallery

Contest Model Gallery

Subject-Specific Model Gallery



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