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Pacific Monograph Tiger-2 -- 1:32 Scale


Few fighting units will ever achieve the fame or renown of the Flying Tigers of WWII.  Of all the aviators who served with such distinction and dedication in this unit, particularly notable were it commanding officer, Claire Chennault, along with Tex Hill.  In early 1941, Chennault commanded the 1st American Volunteer Group (better known as the Flying Tigers).  He headed both the volunteer group and the formal USAAF units that replaced it in 1942.  Tex Hill was a naval aviator recruited to serve as one of Chennault’s squadron leaders and was credited 12.25 kills as a squadron leader with the Tigers and another six later in World War II.

Pacific Monograph’s latest cast resin figure set is Tiger2, allowing the scale model builder the opportunity to build the likeness of either Chennault or Hill.  A more generic Flying Tiger could also be made from this set, too.  The figure comes with alternate parts (two heads and two right arms).  In 1:32 scale, Chennault and Hill bear a pretty strong resemblance to each other, but in historical photographs, I’ve seen Chennault in the service cap and Hill wearing the hat.  However you choose to go, you cannot go wrong. The optional arms include one holding a coffee mug and the other a cigarette (which you’ll need to supply).  The figure body is wearing a USAAF A-2 leather jacket, and to fashion the original Navy G-1 worn by the Flying Tigers, add a little fur to the collar (perhaps by using a little flocking or Milliput epoxy putty).

The Flying Tigers wore some famous patches and blood chits on their flight jackets.  These are provided on two small decal sheets.  The decal patches and chits are printed by Microscale and look absolutely fantastic.  There are no less than 41 patch decals (12 different patch styles coming in three sizes – 4”, 5”, and 6” patch sizes) and two styles of blood chits.  Each decal is a two-parter, with a white background to ensure opacity and no problems with things being out of register. The A-2 jacket has a raised area on the back for the blood chit, but in the early days, those were worn on the inside of the jacket.  So, if that’s the era you are modeling, sand off that slightly raised surface.   

The master was sculpted by the remarkable Mike Good.  The quality of the sculpting is outstanding.  Size, shape, and body/facial proportions are all correct (examined with my artist’s eye and my eye as a professor of human anatomy).  Sometimes, it’s surprising that some figure sculptors blow it when it comes to the fundamentals of the shape and configuration of the human form, but Mike Good’s work here is impeccable – from the facial expression and confident pose, hip tilt, to the details of his uniform, jacket, and so forth.  Taesung Harmms handled the casting and quality of the resin casting is equally flawless.  There are no defects, errors, or any other perceptible problems.  This will be a joy for anyone to assemble and paint, and Bucky Sheftall painted up the examples you see in the instructions and Pacific Monograph’s promo materials.    

We extend our sincere thanks to Burl Burlingame of Pacific Monograph for the review sample.  You can visit them on the web at where you will find this and many other products and their webstore as well:

Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
Detail & Scale

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